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ECB Small Grants Scheme

The ECB Small Grants Scheme is available to all affiliated clubs in Somerset. The Scheme will have a changed format for 2018-2019 incorporating two separate funding streams. The first will cover funding targeted at the Cricket World Cup 2019 and the second will be linked directly to the ECB ‘Get the Game on’ campaign.

ECB Small Grants Scheme funding 

The ECB Small Grants Scheme for 2018-2019 will take the format of two individual schemes.

The first of these schemes will be linked directly to the Cricket World Cup 2019 and is currently available for clubs to apply.

During January and February 2019 the second scheme will be available to clubs and will be linked to the ECB ‘Get the Game on’ campaign.
Details and how to apply to this scheme will be updated as further information becomes available.

For further details regarding the CWC Club Fund, please see the information below:

Cricket World Cup Club Fund

What is the offer?

Clubs can apply for a fixed grant of £1,000 for projects to digitise their Club or improve their catering provision to support their involvement in the Cricket World Cup 2019 events programme.
There is no minimum partnership funding requirement.
Projects must range from £1,000 to £10,000 – this range allows for meaningful projects that can achievably be delivered in advance of the Cricket World Cup.

How will Clubs apply?

There is an application form available on the ECB website, along with guidance notes and a FAQ section.
Clubs will complete an application form and send it to ECB, by email ( along with relevant quotes (one per item involved in the project).

Apply here for the ECB CWC Club Fund 2019

What are the project themes and eligible projects?

A) Digitising Your Club
• Installation of broadband and / or WiFi, including routers
• Up to 6 months broadband subscription costs
• Audio / visual equipment including TVs, PA / sound systems and projectors
• Digital Point of Sale (POS) equipment such as card readers, cash tills etc
B) Catering for your events
• Kitchen units, appliances, professional catering equipment, coffee machines, glass washers, BBQs, pizza ovens, bottle coolers, ice cream fridges, slush machines, etc
• Outdoor social areas including patios, decking, furniture

Can clubs split the £1,000 across both Digitise and Catering projects?

The short answer is no. We ask clubs to focus around one project theme and think about how this funding can have a meaningful impact on the Club, rather than just what you might spend £1,000 on.
From running similar schemes in the past, we know that most Clubs will develop a project around one theme with a value that greatly exceeds the £1,000 grant (with ‘partnership funding’ coming from the Club, other grants, an ECB interest free loan or ‘in kind’ support). 
Equally, it is fine for Clubs to plan a project that is closer to the value of the grant, it is not mandatory to plan a bigger project, but we encourage you to think strategically to get the best outcome for your club.

Why is the grant fixed at £1,000?

There are several reasons for fixing the Club Fund offer at £1,000:
• Previous Small Grant Schemes have had ‘offers’ ranging from £1,000 to £4,000 and, whilst we have seen an average grant of around £2,500 in recent years, we know that £1,000 represents a reasonable minimum level that allows a Club to build a meaningful project.
• Fixing at the low end of the Small Grant spectrum allows us to reach many more Clubs, engaging the maximum audience in a ‘once in a generation’ year for cricket in England & Wales.
• We know that many Clubs will develop projects that have a total value that is much higher than £1,000 and this partnership funding represents a significant boost to the cricket economy and creates excellent value for the investment we are making into Clubs.
• There is no minimum partnership funding requirement, so the vast majority of Clubs would use the full £1,000 even if it was not fixed.
• If any Clubs do not believe they need the full amount, then it will encourage them to think on a broader basis regarding their Club’s needs and create a bigger project with a more meaningful impact on Club life. If Clubs really do not need a £1,000 grant, then there is no obligation to apply.
• The volume of applications and awards in 2019 will be more than double the amount in recent years. Fixing the grant amount will ensure the most efficient service to Clubs in administering their application and claim.

How can Clubs get partnership funding?

Many Clubs will use funds they have already raised to make improvements to their facilities or use the opportunity of guaranteed ‘seed funding’ to incentivise donations or fundraising for a specific project.
Some elements of the project may be provided ‘in kind’ by Club members or the local community.
We are also offering the option of an EWCT Interest Free Loan and Clubs can access details on this at:

Which clubs are eligible?

To be eligible, Clubs will need the following:
• To be affiliated to ECB via the Somerset Cricket Board (CCB) in 2019
• To be registered to the Cricket World Cup Club Programme
• A Constitution
• Valid Buildings, Contents & Public Liability Insurance
• Security of Tenure – Leasehold, Freehold or Rental Agreement (minimum of one year)
All of the above will be self-declared on the application form.

If you require any further information about the ECB Small Grants Scheme please contact Brian Hoyle at: