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ECB Small Grants Scheme

The ECB Small Grants Scheme is available to all affiliated clubs in Somerset. This year’s scheme closes to applications on 31st May 2019.

ECB Small Grants Scheme funding 

The ECB Small Grants Scheme for 2018-2019 will take the format of two individual schemes.

The first of these schemes will be linked directly to the Cricket World Cup 2019 and is currently available for clubs to apply.

The second of the schemes is linked directly to the ECB ‘Get the Game on’ campaign and is now open for clubs to apply.


What is the offer?

In 2019, the ECB Small Grant Scheme will support the ECB national programme ‘Get the Game
On’. All projects will assist Clubs to improve their long-term sustainability by increasing the
number of games played during the season.

How will clubs apply

Clubs should email their completed ECB SGS Application Form and accompanying two quotations to .


Clubs are required to submit two official ‘like for like’ quotations with the application (from different
Suppliers). These can be obtained by contacting the Suppliers direct or, alternatively, ECB will also
accept a print out or screenshot from a Supplier’s website.

If a quotation includes multiple items or options, the preferred items, size and quantity must be
highlighted. All quotes must be legible, contain Supplier details, project details and full price including
VAT and delivery. It is not acceptable for Clubs to write their own ‘quotation’ by just listing prices or
to provide web links.
The award offer will be based on the quotation from the Club’s preferred supplier.

In addition we recommend that clubs pay particular attention to the ECB SGS Guidance Notes for Clubs.

This document provides full information and guidance for clubs looking to apply to the scheme.

What are the project themes and eligible projects?

The project themes are aimed at helping clubs to improve their long-term sustainability by increasing the
number of games played during the season.

Clubs can apply for funding towards the purchase of the following products:
• New mobile covers
• Flat sheet covers
• Bowlers run-up and / or side sheet covers
• Replacement cover tops
• Water removal equipment (only when combined with the purchase of covers)

How much can clubs apply for?

  • Awards will be between £1,000 and £4,000 per application.
  • The award may not be used to retrospectively fund projects.
  • A minimum 10% contribution will be required from the Club.

This Partnership funding contribution is the difference between the project cost and the amount of the award. It can be
sourced from Club funds, other grant bodies or sponsorship etc.

To obtain the minimum £1,000 award, the total project cost must be £1,112 (or above) to allow for the
Club’s minimum 10% partnership funding contribution, for example:
Total project / purchase cost: = £1,112
Partnership funding (min 10%): = £ 112 (rounded up to nearest pound)
Award: = £1,000

Partnership funding may also be provided by way of a loan from the EWCT Interest Free Loan Scheme.
Please direct Clubs to for further information.

Which clubs are eligible?

The scheme is open to all Affiliated Cricket Clubs in Somerset. All Clubs will need to have the following:

• Partnership Funding (minimum of 10% contribution from the club)
• A Constitution
• Valid Buildings, Contents & Public Liability Insurance
• Security of Tenure – Leasehold, Freehold or Rental Agreement (minimum one year)

Note: Clubs will not be required to submit copies of the documents with the application, however,
the ECB reserves the right to request further evidence from the Club to support this information, if
necessary, at any stage during the process.

Any Club which received an award from the ECB Small Grant Scheme 2018 for covers under the
project theme ‘Get the Game On’ is not eligible to reapply in 2019.

When is the closing date for the Scheme?

The closing date for Clubs to submit their application to the Somerset Cricket Board for consideration is Friday 31st May 2019.

The Somerset Cricket Board will then submit all successful applications to the ECB for approval by Friday 21st June 2019.