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On behalf of the Somerset Cricket Groundsman Association we hope that you all have been busy with your end of season work on your pitches.

We are delighted to be able to continue to offer a service to clubs through the hiring out of our two trailers, with operators Phil Mortimer and Dave Counsell, to support end of season renovations. This year we supported over 23 clubs which equated to a total of 265 wickets renovated, despite difficult weather conditions throughout September and a couple of machine breakdowns.

In addition to the trailer scheme, the Somerset Groundsman Association also provides a cricket square aeration service for clubs.


A cricket square is made up of heavy clay soils so aeration is vitally important and should be seen as a positive measure for clubs. This helps keep nutrients in circulation and increase the effectiveness of irrigation and root development in the summer. If thorough aeration is not carried out to de-compact the square it will impede the health and vigour of the turf, denying free passage of water, air and nutrients to encourage root development, which is important to bind the pitch surface together to prevent cracking and crumbling and allows top dressing to migrate into the tine holes.

Details of the aeration service including costs and booking can be found below.

Hire of Spiker: For one club (One visit only.) £30

Operator cost: Transport to and from ground. No club member needed on site but access must be guaranteed at agreed time. Per pitch £3


7 pitch square £30 hire, £21 operator £51

10 pitch square £30 hire, £30 operator £60

25 pitches on 2 squares £30 hire, £75 operator £105

Operator will attempt to go to several grounds on the same day to minimise travelling costs / time.

To book the Aeration Service please contact Phil Mortimer on

Want advice on improving your pitches?

The association runs a pitch advisory scheme to offer clubs support and advice to help to improve pitches across the county. Basic visits are free of charge and visits can be booked through Phil Mortimer on

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