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Our Trailer Scheme which is very popular with clubs looking to carry out renovations to their pitches at the end of the season and is now available to book.

Many clubs have had great use out of the trailers over the past few years, for support with the autumn renovation, but the SGA would like to see far more clubs make use of the trailers. The SCB offer the follow options which are detailed below:

Trailer Scheme charges

Full hire (please note there is no longer a ‘without operator’ option)

Basic hire cost :  Trailer with equipment for scarifying, picking up, seed, fertiliser and loam spreading. Based on maximum of 10 pitches, one day only.  £120

Basic Operator cost : To transport trailer to and from ground, work alongside club helpers, operating scarifier exclusively.  Per pitch done.  £12

‘Extra’ costs :      For more than 10 pitches, per pitch.   Hire   £12    Operator     £12

Examples:          7 pitch square     £120 hire, £84 operator.                    £204

10 pitch square   £120 hire, £120 operator.                                             £240

14 pitch square   £168 hire, £168 operator.                                             £336

Scarifying / pick up option

For clubs wishing to use a contractor for all spreading work – seed, fert and loam.This may be an option for large clubs with more than one square.

Hire :  Trailer with scarifier (plus rotorake brush for Graden on North trailer) Based on maximum of 10 pitches, one day only.    £80

Basic operator cost :  Transporting equipment to and from ground, operating scarifier only.  Per pitch done.  £7

‘Extra’ costs :   For more than 10 pitches, per pitch.  Hire   £8   Operator     £7

Example:  25 pitches over 2 squares   £200 hire, £175 operator    £375


Not included in the above charges. Operator will attempt to go to several grounds on the same day to minimise travelling costs / time.

Hire: For one club (One visit only.)   £30

Operator cost: Transport to and from ground. No club member needed on site  but access must be guaranteed at agreed time.  Per pitch   £3

Examples: 7 pitch square  £30 hire, £21 operator £51

10 pitch square  £30 hire, £30 operator                £60

25 pitches on 2 squares £30 hire, £75 operator   £105

Booking Information

There are two trailers available to hire to help ensure this service is readily available for clubs accross the county.

To book the trailer in the North & East of the county please contact Phil Mortimer-

To book the trailer in the South & West of the county please email Dave Counsell on Clubs will be responsible to collect and return the trailer from Taunton Cricket Club.