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Chance to Shine

Find out how we can support your school with cricket delivery

Chance to Shine

In the academic year of 2018/19 well over 2,200 hours of cricket coaching were delivered in over 150 schools across Somerset – through a number of club projects and Cricket Board led programs – as a result of Chance to Shine funding.

During 2019/20 approximately 150 schools can receive either 6 weeks of curriculum coaching or a 1/2 day ‘Cricket Roadshow’. Both of these include an assembly, an invitation to a competition as well as the opportunity for teacher training and much more. Schools can also register for free resources at:

What is Chance to Shine?

Chance to Shine was launched in 2005 by the Cricket Foundation to regenerate competitive cricket and bring its educational benefits to primary and secondary schools across the country. The scheme is delivered through individual projects across England and Wales. Each project works with a number of schools, delivering cricket in curriculum time. The group of schools are supported by professional qualified coaches who are engaged by the local cricket club or the Cricket Board. The Somerset Cricket Board work closely with the schools and clubs to help them sustain cricketing activities, so that cricket can continue long after the funding has finished.

How can Chance to Shine benefit your school?

Chance to Shine helps to fund cricket coaching sessions and cricket competition in all state schools and whilst doing so they have three main objectives:

1) To give young people (aged 5-11) a great first experience of cricket
2) To support teachers to build a sustainable culture of cricket in state schools and
3) To help young people to play regularly (in school, club, community and informal settings) and to learn key life skills

By becoming part of the Chance to Shine programme schools are provided with all the tools to encourage every pupil to achieve their own ‘Personal Best’, whilst also enabling schools to provide quality cricket delivery in future years through development of staff and pupils at their school.



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