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Girls Softball Festivals

A great way to enjoy cricket without the concerns of a hard-ball. 

There are number of clubs who now have girl only sections and building on from the success of the women’s softball festivals, many clubs have girls softball sections at U11 and U13 to help retain the girls in the game.

In 2018 we ran a club based programme that saw a number of clubs host and organise U11 and U13 girls softball cricket festivals.  The festivals were aimed at those girls new to cricket and who were just beginning their cricket journey.  The programme was a great success and received a very positive response form the club about the impact it had on the girls taking part.  

The festival programme saw four clubs host festivals with a total of 12 teams taking part across both age groups.  

2019 Offer 

Following a review meeting with clubs with girls sections, the overwhelming response was to retain the festivals as it provided an outlet for those girls who were not ready to play hardball cricket.  it also allowed the club the chance to recruit girls at U11 and U13 with no previous experience of cricket and offer a ‘competitive’ opportunity for them.  

If you are club and would like to take part in a softball programme next year, please contact