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A Somerset Cricket Board initiative created to help clubs create a girl only section


Why have a Girls section?

Below are a few reasons some of our past #ThisGirlCan clubs have cited…

  • New players, both male and female
  • Improved social events – more people attending
  • Increase in revenue from membership & bar takings
  • More volunteers
  • Created a real family feel to the club
  • A vibrant club/more energy
  • More people watching the men’s XI!

What is #ThisGirlCan?

#ThisGirlCan cricket is our support to local cricket clubs to help them kick start a women’s section in their club.

We are offering;

  • 5 Weeks SCB coaching
  • Marketing material to promote the session
  • Introductory softball cricket festival opportunities

Our cricket club is interested, what next?

  • All clubs who are interested need to complete an online application by the end of January (successful clubs will be informed in early February)
  • Want to discuss and find out more?  Attend a roadshow, book here
  • All clubs need to make a commitment to invest time into promoting the programme
  • All clubs need to supply a nominated person who can work with our coach to develop and take the new section forward
  • All clubs to attend a festival
  • All clubs to provide a suitable space/facility for a regular women’s training session

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Apply to become a #ThisGirlCan Club

A great opportunity to kick start a girls section in your club

Setting up a Girl’s Section

Find the key information about how girls may want to access your services and what you can do, as a club, to encourage greater participation among girls. It’s just as relevant to new or developing clubs.

Here are two great resources to help get you started/thinking